Our Mission

"To serve and protect people, information, property, and the interests of the client while continuously striving to remain a select team of professionals providing security in a knowledgeable and congenial manner.“

Security Guard Services

Master at Arms will strive to fulfill our clients every need. A receptionist, a standing guard service, patrol checks, alarm responses, executive protection and/or professional drivers, these are all services we provide

NRA Classes

As a NRA Training Counselor, I am an experienced active NRA member-instructor who has been appointed by the NRA to train NRA Certified Instructors. As a Training Counselor I have made a commitment to help would be instructors and current instructors meet their goals of becoming more proficient instructors

Security Guard Classes

All private security-related individuals and businesses, including security guards, alarm companies, locksmiths, and private investigators, must be licensed by the California BSIS. At Master at Arms, we provide all necessary instruction from initial training, to refresher course

Tactical Training

Whatever your ability, Master at Arms will strive to build upon your current skills. We will challenge even the most advance shooter to surpass where they thought they could go. We will help raise the knowledge, skills and attitudes of our shooters. We will strive to push every shooter out of their comfort zone, stretching them to new limits.