About Us


“To serve and protect people, information, property, and the interests of the client while continuously striving to remain a select team of professionals providing security in a knowledgeable and congenial manner. “

Master at Arms – Management that equals Success

Management styles are what truly separate a majority of companies in the security industry today.  Master at Arms has a time proven management style adopted from several years of military, law enforcement and security experience.

It is these experience’s, working shoulder to shoulder with our clients and our officers that have earned us the respect and loyalty of clients and officers.   We truly consider ourselves partners with our clients and as such, strive to provide the highest quality in all our duties.

Master at Arms Security is proud of the quality service that we provide to our clients.  Our professional approach is developed in two sections:

Knowledge of the security industry, both locally and internationally.  Thorough understanding of the specific markets that we serve.  With this winning combination, as well as extremely competitive prices, Master at Arms Security is able to serve its clients with a clear advantage over other  security companies.

Our goal at Master at Arms Security is to provide our clients with a custom tailored security solution for their needs.  We will provide our clients with the highest quality of security professionals, with training and experience that far exceeds our competition.  Master at Arms Security is ready to help you achieve and surpass your security goals by using our tried and tested combination of highly experienced security staff and unsurpassed technology. It is a formula we have been using successfully since our inception, and one which we would like to share with you.

Master at Arms Security is unmatched in our ability to offer your organization effective security solutions while staying well within your budget. There are several unique differentiators that make Master at Arms Security stand out among other companies, including the fact that:

We require the highest level of training for our team of security professionals.   Unlike other security companies, security is our specialty – NOT cleaning, building services, or facility management.   Master at Arms Security is a single-source provider for all security services.

Master at Arms Security is structured to be flexible.  This allows us to provide customized services, training and billing options that suit your company’s need.



Professional Development

Master at Arms Security is committed to developing the highest professional security force for our client base. The only way this can be achieved is through our intense in-house training process.

Master at Arms Security prides itself on the fact that our instructors hold ratings from :

California POST
BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services)
NRA Civilian Division
NRA Law Enforcement Division
Taser Internationalk
Department of Defense

Why Master at Arms Security?

Security services from Master at Arms Security are designed to address your specific environment, regardless of whether your organization is of a commercial, residential, or industrial in nature. Security needs evolve over time and it is important to work with a security company that has the ability to adapt to every new challenge facing your organization. We are a true and dedicated security partner that is committed to ensure the safety of your assets, clients, and staff.

With over 50 years of combined experience Master at Arms Security is a proven leader in the industry through the mission, vision, and commitment to our clients. We only use the most advanced project management techniques that produce effective, consistent, and measurable long term results for each project that we manage. We provide the most qualified security professionals through ongoing education, training, and employee retention.

With Law Enforcement reducing its services nation wide due to the current economic climate, the private security industry is on the edge of a drastic change. Security may and will need to fill the void that is being created by the cut in Law Enforcement. Master at Arms stands ready to help fill this void in every and any way it can. Our staff of highly trained security professionals are comprised of individuals from a variety of public service backgrounds. With this experience and in depth training, it makes almost a seamless transition. With a majority of our officers being Law Enforcement trained, we are current with many of the very same techniques used by today’s Law Enforcement officers in the field.