Defensive Shotgun

Defensive Shotgun 1

Price $150.00

 This one day course provides a wide variety of defensive shotgun techniques. The Shotgun is one of the most underrated firearms in the defensive category.  Topics to include, but not limited to:

Manipulation Skills

Ammunition Type

Shooting Positions

Ready and Search Positions

Pattern Tests

Combat Loading

Duty Load

Administrative Unload

Use of Sling

Equipment needed: Shotgun, Sling,  Eye & Ear Protection, 50 rounds of Bird ammo, 10 rounds “00” Buckshot ammo, 10 rounds ”04” Buckshot ammo, 10 rounds Slugs

Defensive Shotgun 2

Price $200.00

This one day course provides a larger variety of advanced defensive shotgun techniques. This course will build upon the foundation set in course I.  Topics to include but not limited to:

Combat Manipulation Skills

One-Handed Manipulation

Tactical Movement

Cover and Concealment

Transition Drills

Multiple Targets

Equipment needed: Shotgun, Sling, Handgun, Holster, 3 Magazines and Magazine Holders, Eye & Ear Protection, 100 rounds of Bird ammo, 25 rounds “00” Buckshot ammo, 20 rounds Slugs, 50 rounds handgun ammo

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