Level 3

Master at Arms Security gives you access to 3 levels of security, Level 3 Agents are highly distinguished group of elite security professionals capable of safe guarding your assets and instantly neutralizing threats to your organization. Level 3 Agents possess the highest level of security experience and training available in the United States. Like all service level officers, Level 3 Agents have received Master at Arms Security’s highest level of comprehensive training, and have undergone our thorough fitness and background checks. A Master at Arms Security Level 3 Agent has a minimum of four years of police or military experience, has extensive weapons and combat training, has a college or university degree, and can provide your organization with unparalleled security service at a top-tier price point. Due to their background and experience, Level 3 Agents are also deployed in various tactical roles across various security posts/details, including serving at an armed or unarmed capacity, as well as working in plain clothes or undercover.

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